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DYNAMIC Freight has over twenty years experience in the transport sector with specialists in various fields such as fashion, shop fitting, exhibitions, samples shipments and much more.

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C-TAPT Members

U.S. CBP Partners

We are affiliated to the program C-Tapt of US Customs against international terrorism.

We really do love Parcels

All parcels in transit from our warehouse are treated with the same care and dedication

whether it be a small envelope or a full container. Our 1500 square meters warehouse is 24/7 video-surveilled 24 hours on 24 and can meet all your needs of storage and logistics.
We carry out the services of packaging, pick & pack and domestic distribution.


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    For maximum safety we consolidate shipments on special pallets (ULDs) within our warehouse, wrapping the entire container with dark films to ensure the anonymity of the parcels.